Peaches in her bed.

The community has a new pet kunekune pig called Peaches. She is quite a character and sleeps on a bean bag on the deck! She spends her day doing the rounds visiting communty members.


Community Anniversary

On the 13th of November 2013 the community celebrated its 20th Birthday. Friends joined the community on the 30th of November to celebrate this milestone. Mass was celebrated by Monsignor John Carde in our Chapel and we were blessed to have several Priests to concelebrate Mass with him.

We all then gathered in Bethlehem for […]

Discipleship College

We were blessed to have the Discipleship College students and staff staying with the Community in late August


Discipleship College, Community members and pets

Students and staff with their adopted pets



Retreat Groups

We have been blessed with many wonderful groups who have stayed in Nazareth and Bethlehem over the last year. The common theme with all these groups has been the peace that they have found at Cross Creek.

We as a Community have enjoyed the presence of these groups with us and look forward to hosting […]


Bethlehem has a lovely new wooden fence that has taken quite a bit of work. It is a lovely feature as you drive into the retreat complex.



We have had a very successful lambing season. We have also looked after a few orphan lambs that have been bottle-fed. These little creatures have brought a lot of joy to the Community and our visitors.




The community base has finally got a new garage that will be completed in the next few weeks. There will finally be somewhere to store the motor-mowers and farm equipment.

The new garage incorporates an animal pen and woodbox

The inside of the garage nearly completed.


The structure […]

Community Room

The new Community building will be completed by Christmas. This is a space where the Community can gather to share and recreate. It has been a long and slow process but we are finally at the stage of painting and adding the finishing touches.

Craig painting the inside of the community room.


Tree Pruning at Nazareth

We have finally begun the process of pruning and removing the gum trees around Nazareth. It has made such a difference as it is so much lighter in Nazareth now. This has also enhanced the views of Lake Wairarapa.


Lambing and Calving Season


Martha with her new daughter Scholastica


Scholastica enjoying life

Mother with twins


Beautiful little lamb