Community Retreat

At the end of April the community was blessed to be led in a community retreat by Fr David Kennerley SM. The retreat built on an earlier retreat which he had given to us and challenged us to contemplate how we could deepen our own lives with God and be a source of life to […]

New Roof on Bethlehem


Bethlehem now has a new roof

Bethlehem now has a new roof. We have been so blessed by the kindness and generosity of so many people who have enabled us to totally re-roof the entire building. A local builder and his team made the most of the summer weather and were able […]

St Bernard’s Retreat and Work Weekend

The desire of the St. Bernard’s Community to develop their social justice programme led to a brainstorm to go on retreat to discuss how we could make this happen. We wanted to involve the students in a social justice action as well as the theory behind the action and then use this experience to be […]

Bethlehem Damaged in Storm – now fully repaired

Damage to bedroom ceiling

Thanks to all of our very generous benefactors. Due to your incredible generosity, we have been able to totally re-roof Bethlehem

On Saturday 8th September, Wellington and the Wairarapa experienced a severe nor’westerly storm. As well as torrential rain, there were wind gusts of over 150km/hr. Unfortunately our Bethlehem Retreat Centre lost the roof off […]

Farm and Community News

A new member of the community was born on Saturday. Our pet sheep Mary Rose gave birth to a beautiful daughter McKillop.

Seen here with Lucia.

Lucia meets McKillop for the first time

Our lovely pig Bernadette of Lourdes has a new house. It has taken a while for her new accommocdation […]

The ‘Fati-mas’ ladies’ retreat at Magnificat

By Marie Andrewartha

Hi we’re the ‘Fati-mas’ a woman’s group from Our Lady of Fatima church Tawa! In 2001 we discovered the Magnificat Community Retreat Centre. It’s an oasis, in the midst of our busyness and every year we return to this beautiful haven to soak in its peace and tranquillity. As busy Mums, […]